Zellige catalog

>> Zellige Pieces

Zellige Mjeddij Mjeddij 5x5cm (0,10kg)
10x10cm (0,19kg)
Zellige Chakar Chakar 5x5cm (0,08kg)
10x10cm (0,13kg)
Zellige Fekroun Fekroun 5,7x4,7cm (0,03kg)
12x9,5cm (0,11kg)

Zellige Darj Darj 5x5cm (0,05kg)
10x10cm (0,09kg)
Zellige Kora Kora 4,5x5cm (0,03kg)
9x10cm (0,13kg)
12,2x14cm (0,32kg)
Zellige Bejemat Bejemat 5x10cm (0,08kg)
5x15cm (0,18kg)
10x20cm (0,32kg)

>> Zellige plaques

Mdoudab Mdoudab 30x30cm (1,74kg)
Mdoudab 2 Mdoudab 2 30x30cm (1,74kg)
Talit Talit 30x30cm (1,73kg)

Talit 2 Talit 2 30x30cm (1,73kg)
Tangeri Tanger 30x30cm (1,66kg)
Khatim-Kmar Khatim-Kmar 28x28cm (1,47kg)

Mwalaf Mwalaf 28,5x28,5cm (1,41kg)
Mwalaf 2 Mwalaf 2 30x30cm (1,38kg)
Kshour Kshour 27x27cm (1,30kg)

Kshour 2 Kshour 2 21x21cm (0,79kg)
Chaayer Chaayer 31x31cm (1,76kg)
Bokraa Bokraa 22x22cm (0,91kg)

Tarsia Tarsia 14,5x14cm (0,31kg)
Katyani Katyani 29x29cm (1,28kg)
Musharabi Musharabi 30x30cm (1,80kg)

Musharabi 2 Musharabi 2 26,5x26,5cm (1,80kg)
Mogador Mogador 33,5x33,5cm (1,73kg)
Kora Kora 25x22cm (0,85kg)

Seft Seft 19x19cm (0,63kg)
Nzik Nzik 20,5x21cm (0,64kg)
Basket Basket 30x30cm

Fekroun Fekroun 19,5x19,5cm (0,64kg)
Tarsea Tarsea 27x27cm (1,07kg)
Chabaka Chabaka 28x29cm

Taifa Taifa 30x30cm (1,51kg)
Ummaya Ummaya 30x30cm (1,65kg)
Mseddis Mseddis 21,5x19cm

Ashour Ashour 21x21cm (0,57kg)
Tzajik Tzajik 30x30cm (1,30kg)
Muthaman Muthaman 30x30cm (1,60kg)

Chgholban Chgholban 31x31cm (1,60kg)

>> Zellige Edging

Cenefa 1 Cenefa 1 10x30cm
Cenefa 2 Cenefa 2 15x34cm
Cenefa 3 Cenefa 3 15x30cm

Cenefa 4 Cenefa 4 12x30cm
Cenefa 5 Cenefa 5 15x30cm
Cenefa 6 Cenefa 6 12x30cm

Cenefa 7 Cenefa 7 15x30cm
Cenefa 8 Cenefa 8 15x30cm
Cenefa 9 Cenefa 9 15x30cm

Cenefa 10 Cenefa 10 10x30cm
Cenefa 11 Cenefa 11 15x30cm
Cenefa 12 Cenefa 12 14x30cm

Cenefa 13 Cenefa 13 11x30cm
Cenefa 14 Cenefa 14 9,5x30cm
Cenefa 15 Cenefa 15 9,5x25,5cm

>> Zellige Skirting

Hazem Hazem 7x15cm

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